PSI Audio

PSI Audio

During 1975, whilst Studying at the EPFL in Lausanne, Alain Roux started producing the first speakers under the PSI brand. Two years later, with the speakers making a profit, Alan formed Roux Electroacoustique which in 1988 became a Ltd company and changed name to Relec SA. At this time Alain also relocated the company in to a new purpose built facility at Yverdon.

Alain Roux studied architecture and electricity at the EPFL in Lausanne. Electroacoustics has always been a strong motivation in his life as he built his house around a 150m3 anechoic chamber!

Through the years, Alain Roux developed a unique experience in acoustics, electroacoustics and speaker design, through OEM projects developped for others in the hifi, PA or studio audio market.

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