PSI Audio

During 1975, whilst Studying at the EPFL in Lausanne, Alain Roux started producing the first speakers under the PSI brand. Two years later, with the speakers making a profit, Alan formed Roux Electroacoustique which in 1988 became a Ltd company and changed name to Relec SA. At this time Alain also relocated the company in to a new purpose built facility at Yverdon.

Alain Roux studied architecture and electricity at the EPFL in Lausanne. Electroacoustics has always been a strong motivation in his life as he built his house around a 150m3 anechoic chamber!

Through the years, Alain Roux developed a unique experience in acoustics, electroacoustics and speaker design, through OEM projects developped for others in the hifi, PA or studio audio market.