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ProCase GmbH

The company ProCase was founded in 1987 as a business for light, sound and stage technology and is today, under the brand name of ProCase, active as a medium-sized company operating in the packing segment throughout Europe.

Together with our subsidiary in Ellwangen, Germany, we have over 50 employees including 9 trainees.

Every year more than 8,000 flight cases and trunks carrying the name of ProCase leave our production facilities. Among our many customers are renowned companies such as Bose, ZDF, SWR, Siemens, Carl Zeiss, Audi and Mercedes.

High flexibility and reliability together with an expert and motivated workforce as well as our commitment to training up our own young people complement our innovative and high quality products, which altogether account for the outstanding success of ProCase.

We are sure that you will be convinced of the value of ProCase products and its service to you.