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North Telecom

NorthTelecom is one of the very few companies that provide world-class satellite communication services across the spectrum, in conjunction with dominant players in the satellite networking industry. With over 50 partners in the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, NorthTelecom’s achievements are a far cry from its humble beginnings in September 2007. Within this short pro-active period, the company has grown steadfastly into one of the most outstanding networking and satellite services, internet access solutions and broadcasting service providers in the region. Their clients range from ISPs, telecom companies, broadcasters, ships, the oil and gas sector, and any systems for fixed or mobile satellite solutions. In effect, the company provides services over various satellites and platforms. NorthTelecom has its headquarters in Dubai with teleports in Germany and Singapore and a teleport partnership in South Korea.

The NorthTelecom corporate mission is communication all over the world and this undertaking has led them to provide exceptional solutions that are bound by client contentment. Combining the strengths of their core professional team, NorthTelecom offers a plethora of services to their partners and customers the world over, with a 24/7 networking operation centre and a presence in all the continents thereby offering flexibility in aid and assistance to their valued clients. Their expert global presence represents an eye on the business at all times.
Advanced internet communication has been considered the new basic need of today’s modern world. Hence NorthTelecom provides broadband internet via satellite thereby accommodating satellite internet access, point-to-point solution, private networks, and hubs on a variety of platforms including iDirect (TDMA, SCPC), SCPC, and DVB-S2. With the teleport backbone in Germany and Singapore, the company offers raw capacity for different operating sectors all over the world.

iDirect Platform: Understanding the concept of capacity networking wherein Virtual Network Operators (VNOs) rent network capacity from a Host Network Operator (HNO) (which can be managed to any specifications), the VNO requires incorporating private IP addresses. NorthTelecom accommodates such collaboration in order to allow VNOs to offer highly competitive broadband IP service anywhere without a significant upfront investment. Consequently, NorthTelecom covers iDirect network configuration on bandwidth efficiency which significantly lowers both capital expenditure and the operating costs for carriers utilising iDirect equipment. One of the main goals of this service is to augment the ability of VNOs to deploy exact network bandwidth for their initial business case with the flexibility to expand as much as the market demands. As a result, the VNO model motivates new operators to develop niche opportunities worldwide and gives them state-of-the-art management tools, security and functionality to deliver applications based on customer needs.

MVSAT : NorthTelecom supports onshore and offshore operations extending their services to maritime VSAT with coverage from Asia Pacific to the Middle East and Europe. Knowing MVSAT as a high-speed, two-way IP broadband ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service, NorthTelecom coincides with this performance to produce email, internet, fax, VoIP, SIP phone services and more.
Inclined orbit IP trunking: NorthTelecom offers the option of satellite connectivity services via inclined-orbit satellites, providing customers end-to-end solutions that cover all equipment needs and ensures reliable connectivity. The corporate vision is to represent a cost-effective opportunity for medium to large-scale service providers who wish to expand their services.

Furthermore, NorthTelecom is a leading global provider of internet connectivity solutions over inclined orbit satellites and has many years of experience in installing and servicing inclined orbit satellites with their earth stations and teleports in Germany and Singapore.

TV Broadcasting (DTH): Realising the increasing role that media plays in daily life today,NorthTelecom’s media network solution meets the requirements for an integrated transmission and management system, which processes diverse bi-directional traffic types while automatically controlling multiple space and ground segment resources. It is ideal for high-speed contribution and distribution of any live or on-demand data, audio or video content from IPTV to HDTV. These solutions cater to various choices for transmitting video or streaming data in combination with telephony and production intercommunication. Likewise, they also have provision for SNG systems for broadcast in remote areas. Mastering all phases of ground systems engineering, NorthTelecom offers consultancy through design to final turnkey delivery of uplink and downlink stations, control centres, TT&C centres, teleports, video and data management platforms and network operations centres.

Oil and Gas: The oil and gas sector’s remote locations often mean heavy dependence on satellite solutions. Minimising costs is key for most companies in this field, particularly when bandwidth needs continuation to grow due to technological advances in exploration and production. Complex data from remote drilling sites are transmitted to corporate head offices for analysis by way of NorthTelecom’s internet availability through highlighted solutions. 

NorthTelecom integrates instant connectivity at construction sites and once development is complete, satellite becomes an ideal solution for new urban developments or city outskirts. Construction companies and master developers can have regular updates from their construction sites through high-speed internet access.

GSM Backhauling and IP trunking: NorthTelecom administers vital solutions namely GSM Backhauling , IP Trunking, GSM Backhauling, teleport service, and satellite phone applications which in turn safeguard client assets and communication fundamentals.

NorthTelecom has a composite track record of achievements in satellite connectivity. Through consistent levels of quality service and upgrade of networking solutions, it hopes to be a frontrunner in manoeuvering telecommunication tasks as satellite services extend to greater horizons.