MWA Nova GmbH

MWA Nova GmbH

On the basis of the development of the laser splice and picture steadiness correction MWA has developed a patented feature for the replay of shrunken celluloid and magnetic audio material - “The Laser shrinkage detector” or LSD. By scanning shrunken material with a laser we can analyse its shrinkage, where perforations are missing etc and playback previously unplayable material at the right speed, and importantly at the correct length allowing synchronisation of image and audio - This feature is available on both our scanners and sound followers!

MWA Nova currently offers more specialist solutions for the actual physical transfer and replay of celluloid and magnetic film for archival purposes than any other single manufacturer.

We currently have 25 employees 8 of whom are involved full time in R&D. We also run a traditional engineering shop further augmented by two high end modern CNC milling systems allowing us undertake a high level of manufacturing, and all assembly “in house”. These factors allow us our overall engineering flexibility, and forward thinking approach to the challenges of legacy film and audio material.

MWA Nova also exclusively distributes a number of Film, Video, and Audio post production tools and systems from well-known and respected manufacturers.

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