LogicKeyboard - BSP

We are a young, progressive company, with a straightforward philosophy - we aim to provide you with flexible and effective keyboard solutions that optimize the users workflow, processes and business potential. We will never compromise when it comes to quality.

When you start using a new keyboard solution with custom keys from Logickeyboard™, you should immediately notice the difference, both in terms of increased productivity and ease of work. Quite simply, when you work faster, we are a success.

In short - with shortcut keyboards, shortcut skins/covers from Logickeyboard™, you save time. Time is money, so for the price of a Logickeyboard™ or a LogicSkin™, you will soon discover that your investment will pay itself back many times over in increased efficiency in your work.

The same holds true for computer and software manufacturers and distributors. When you work with Logickeyboard™, our partnership should result in nothing less than an immediate increase in your turnover. With regional offices located in Europe, North America and Asia, Logickeyboard™ have the optimal position to serve you.