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Grip Factory Munich GmbH

Founded in 1999, Grip Factory Munich has worked hard to become an industry leader in the design and production of high-end camera support equipment with the aim of servicing the professional motion picture community.

Our mission is to develop and produce camera support equipment that is innovative, effective and of the highest quality.

Our focus and philosophy on building superior equipment, combined with a dedication and commitment to customer service and satisfaction, has increased throughout the years. We place a high value on long term relationships with clients, suppliers and all those working in the field.

At the GFM factory great pride is taken in the high standard of manufacturing. Here our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, machinists and technicians, each with a dedication to excellence, work towards the final product. Qualified CNC machinists operating the most modern CNC lathes and milling machines, certified and skilled aluminum welders all guarantee an efficient and modern manufacturing process. GFM products are surfaced hardened, in a patented procedure (Hart-Coat ®) which gives a hard, scratch proof finish protecting and prolonging the life span of each piece of equipment.

The circle of satisfied GFM customers and end-users continues to grow internationally. Many of GFM's cranes, jibs, dollies, track and camera support equipment have set newer and higher industry standards, becoming the tool of choice for the professional grip and cinematographer.

Our vision is that the professional grip and cinematographer, when thinking of GFM, they will think of the best equipment available.