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For over 25 years, 3rd i has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of quality control. And we continue to be leaders in the industry by ensuring a positive consumer experience when it comes to all forms of home entertainment content, including our long history of working with a variety of formats:

  • Digital files for deliverables or archive
  • OTT – IPTV
  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • Apps, games, software, and websites
  • Metadata management and compliance

    At 3rd i, we like to call ourselves “Experiencialists.” But what exactly does that mean? Experiencialism is the belief that experience is the true source of all knowledge. It’s an approach to working that privileges first-hand practice over theories spelled out on a white board. It means: our first-hand experience of prior technology paves the way for future expertise in the field.

    3rd i’s decades of experience in providing quality assurance to the home entertainment industry can’t be underestimated. While media has certainly changed over the years, the goal has always been the same. 3rd i exists to ensure that the creative promise of our partners’ content is fulfilled through a distraction-free consumer experience.

    We believe what you believe: The quality of your consumers’ entertainment experience matters most. At 3rd i, we are passionate about helping our partners to always deliver on that promise.

    THE 3rd i APPROACH
    We strive to always maintain an organic and flexible approach to every project, no matter the scope of work involved. Our quality assurance evaluation for each project is tailored to provide valuable insight into the nature of our clients’ content, so that adjustments can be made when it is most cost effective to do so.

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