As a specialist in the design and manufacture of broadcast patching products, BES is recognised as a market leader for quality and reliability. Our comprehensive portfolio comprises audio and video patching products, accessories and mains distribution units for the professional broadcaster.

Our skilled engineers continually analyse the market and develop products which ensure broadcasters are ahead of technological and social changes within the dynamic industry. Plus, we can offer custom solutions and expert advice on unique requirements.

BES’ latest innovative products include:

  • NEW Ultra High Definition Video Patch Panel
  • 4K signal
  • Future ready with 8K signal capabilities (Tested to 12Ghz)
  • MUdigSA style connectors
  • High density, up to 2x32 in a 1U panel
  • Available in Storm Grey (standard), Dawn Grey, or Black
  • Filtered Mains Distribution Units
  • Integral EMC filters to prevent Radio Frequency Interference
  • 10amp and 16amp units
  • 14 individually fused 6amp outputs
  • Neutrik Powercon input and loop connectors