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ANT Group is the leader in broadcast remote control technology in Italy. The company started in 1979, its 20+ year experience is synonym of quality and guarantee of its product and its brand. ANT Group’s remote controls are used and appreciated from more than 85% of the Italian private TV and radio stations.

Located in the one of the most industrialized areas of Italy (Brescia), ANT Group today is the largest Italian remote control producer for the broadcast industry. The company extends on an area of 1800sq/m with highly qualified and motivated personnel, constantly reaching for new technologies and fresh IDEAS! New design, production and testing procedures put ANT Group on top of a market really progressing rapidly.

New technology, functionality and simplicity are some of the goals for a secure success. These are the characteristics of a product that has imposed itself on top of the category. Thanks to our users, ANT Group has put to practice what the market really needs, improving itself along the years, and with a very good quality/price ratio.

PASSION in our job and COMPETITIVITY are the major stimulus to offer a constantly growing project.