Image Engineering

Founded in July 1995 as Image Engineering Dietmar Wueller, the company's principal activities in its early days included providing training courses on digital image registration and editing. Two years later came the move into measuring technology, followed by the publication of the first results dealing with the measurement of digital cameras in the German magazine Color Foto. Image Engineering built on this work through moving into image quality of scanners in 1998 and a new training programme focusing on colour management.

Another new business activity was added in 1999, dealing with the digitalisation of slides, negatives and historic documents. Into the 2000s the company was named by the IHK (Chamber of Commerce) Cologne as a publicly certified expert on digital photography scanning and image processing and developed a new method for measuring the resolution of digital cameras in cooperation with the faculty of photographic engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

In 2006 Image Engineering bought Esser Test Charts, enabling it to provide all the equipment necessary for camera testing and calibration. In 2010 Image Engineering continued development of the IE-Analyser with the release of version 4.5 to provide analysis of video streams. The Universal Test Target (UTT) was also introduced as the new ISO standard for archiving historical documents, along with development of several software tools and test devices and the imageQuality (iQ) portfolio. As of April 2011, Image Engineering Dietmar Wüller has been known simply as Image Engineering GmbH & Co, with Dietmar Wüller and Uwe Artmann as chief executives and partners.