Founded in 1984 and based in Oberteuringen near Lake Constance in southwest Germany, IHSE started out producing software for industrial automation and technical data processing applications. Over the years it has changed its focus and today develops KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) devices for broadcast and post-production, as well as the banking, healthcare, maritime, air traffic control and government sectors.

IHSE produces KVM extenders, switches and converters that are used to bring greater flexibility to a facility and allow remote operation and multiple use. The extender range enables the control side of a computer - monitor, keyboard and mouse - to be located some distance from the main processor unit, which cuts down on noise and space in sensitive areas such as control rooms.

The Draco tera range of enterprise matrix switches offers up to 288 ports and allows different computer to be accessed from one or more consoles. The devices are based on Flex-Port technology, allowing each I/O to be configured as either an input or an output. This means that each port can be used as a CPU Port or as a CON (console) Port and can be switched according to requirements. The system is able to support switching of 120 CPUs to 40 consoles, 150 CPUs to 10 consoles, 80 DVI sources to 80 monitors or configuration that does not exceed the total number of ports. IHSE also produces DVI and HDMI extenders, VGA and USB extenders, converters and accessories such as RGB-DVI, VGA-DVI (SDI), media-DVI (video) and the Draco vario repeater for further extending the distance a signal can travel, and rack mount hardware and power supplies.