MEDIA180 facilitates the transition to the New Media world by developing the capabilities of the Media Companies or the Vendors workforce:

  • Create a renewed workforce converging your Broadcast and IT departments
  • Design, deploy, operate and support new architecture leveraging IT technology
  • Limit risks and dependencies by having in-house expertise with a technical, operational and creative staff
  • Improve the work environment and increase the loyalty of your workforce

MEDIA180 offers a unique set of tools and methods to train broadcast and video professionals through customized hands-on programs. MEDIA180 is a Strategic partner in organizational development and workforce optimization with:

Fifteen years of education experience:

  • A proven process with sets of documents tailored to develop, support and measure every project deployment; optimising the training ROI
  • A unique methodology to guarantee acquisition of knowledge
  • Over 300 knowledge modules

Consulting support:

  • Experienced Broadcast and IT professional helping to define or articulate strategic objectives
  • Assistance in managing adoption and deployment of projects across the organisation (including HR)
  • Report and debriefing sessions will help to control and measure progress while optimizing the technical and operational workflows

Customized training programs:

  • Every training program is defined according to your business and strategic objectives
  • Assessment of the organisation optimizes the training programs to the audience
  • Hands on training optimises the acquisition and persistence of the knowledge
  • Development of tailored teaching tools to improve the usage of acquired knowledge

Experienced team of trainers and consultants:

  • Most of Media180 trainers are active Media Professionals with deep understanding of the industry
  • Every member of the team is trained and certified for their teaching skills
  • Continuous research helps to develop new modules for newest and emergent technologies