Revolutionizers of outside broadcasting, Pixellot provides broadcasters as well as home viewers and team coaches the following benefits:

Truly unique game views – The innovative solution effectively automates sports/outside broadcasting by deploying the unmanned capture module to cover the entire stadium. The results are original effects and new insights that will wow any sports fan.

Groundbreaking all-in-one sports production package – Pixellot encompasses high-resolution live video to capture every detail within the arena, as well as audio, broadcast graphics and 3rd party applications like statistics and advertisements.

Unprecedented broadcast quality – Pixellot’s high-resolution capabilities enable all types of views, including high-definition close-ups.

Unique viewer experience ‒The system is an ideal platform for applications providing unique interactive and immersive experiences.

Affordable solution for broad-ranging venues ‒ Fixed video capture device covers the entire field all the time, eliminating the need for costly, portable, field cameras and cameramen. Pixellot’s affordability makes it an attractive solution for video capture in lower-profile venues, such as second tier events or practice games.

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