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JLCooper offers a complete range of control, automation, synchronization and interfacing branded products and surfaces for the professional audio, video and multimedia markets. Our additional success as an OEM supplier can be attributed to our remarkable versatility. We understand the pressures involved in creating new product designs and we can help you define objectives and achieve them on time.

The company was founded in 1979 to make accessories for the growing music synthesizer market. Over the years, JLCooper has expanded to become a multi-million dollar corporation servicing audio and video production, television and radio broadcast, film editing, animation, medical research and imaging, aerospace, education and many other specialized markets.

The company makes tactile devices designed to make operating a computer in a production or post environment more efficient and easier.

Computer Transport Controls use Ethernet, USB, MIDI and RS-232 and feature Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Play and Record buttons, plus Jog/Shuttle controls and function keys. Several include time-code and parameter displays.

Video Transport controls most professional VTRs, DDRs,and file-based systems with these RS-422 / 9 Pin controllers.

Slow motion controllers for sports and other editing operations make precise control of professional VTRs, DDRs and file-based recorders quick and easy.

ShotBoxes are new additions to our line of control products using remotely relegendable push-button switches which allow the user to instantly recognize key functions.

JLCooper fader controllers eliminate the aggravation encountered when using a keyboard or mouse to tediously mix or edit the volume of multiple tracks, just one-at-a-time.

Eclipse color correction controllers are the perfect addition to your color correction, digital intermediate or finishing suite.

The surround panning controller giver users real time control and automation of Joystick X, Y, Z, Global Divergence, Auto Orbit, Front Divergence, Rear Divergence, Center Distribution, Front-Rear Divergence, LFE Level, Manual Orbit and more. The Nuage Surround Panner is for Yamaha & Steinberg Nuage consoles.