JK Audio

JK Audio is a solutions provider for the radio and television broadcast industry. It is best known or its telephone audio interface, intercom and IFB products.

JK Audio products are designed with a careful mix of customer suggestions, application knowledge, and the need to balance value with ease-of-use. These products meet and often exceed the demands of broadcast environments in urban and remote areas around the world. In addition, all JK Audio products are put through rigorous testing to ensure compliance to global safety, emissions, and telecom standards.

For TV/Film applications, BlueDriver and Daptor Three allow users to send and receive audio from pro audio equipment using Bluetooth wireless technology. BluePack uses Bluetooth to get audio in and out of cell phones. BlueSet is a wireless headset interface to plug into most PL belt packs and use Bluetooth to replace wired headsets. Daptor Tw plugs into the 2.5 mm headset jack of any cell phone that accepts a third party headset or earpiece to send and receive audio through the cell phone.

The Innkeeper product line offers various digital hybrids. The company also makes intercom phone bridges, QuickTap IFB which connects to the handset cord on almost any telephone and provides XLR and mini plug output. The company offers many other mixers, interfaces and taps.