Intertrust provides technologies that protect the flow of information as it was intended by the owner of that information, and to benefit an open society.

As we adjust to the new reality in which sensors on everything from a microchip to eyeglasses to a car or heart valve track every movement, every blink of the eye, every heartbeat. All this collected data can help us live longer, be healthier, be more educated about our likes and dislikes. The Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud computing are all game changing technologies that society can benefit from.

However, in the wrong hands, this data can also ensure that we have no privacy, Big Brother is always watching us, and insurance companies and pharmaceuticals know before we do when we’re in the high risk category to have a heart attack and can drop our insurance or send us targeted ads for preventative meds.

With technology moving faster than regulation, and a very lucrative market for a user’s digital profile, all of our information becomes fair game. Fair use regulation that protects copyrighted content from being violated does not extend to a user’s information; in most cases, this is much more valuable and more in need of protection.

The company offers several protection products and services applicable to broadcasters and streaming video providers.