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FloLight is rapidly becoming the new standard in professional video lighting. With both their flicker-free fluorescent lighting and high CRI, extra bright LED lights, FloLight stands ready to meet all of your lighting needs. With a variety of lights to meet any demand, be it on camera lights for run and gun shooting or lights for your entire studio, you will get a light that’s built to last, color accurate and backed by a 12 month warranty.”

The quality of the LEDs has a direct correlation with it's ability to reproduce color, and FloLight goes to great lengths to insure every LED performs to the highest standards. With a CRI rating of 93, professional lighting solutions from FloLight are the best alternative for anyone who takes image capture seriously.

LED products include LED MicroBeam lights, LED Video Lighting Kits and various other Lighting and MicroBeam Kits, as well as CycLight. The company also makes several fluorescent products includint the FB-2500, a 550W, 2500W equivalent that produces 50K Lumens of fluorescent light. Other fluorescent products typically use 2x55W lamps.

The company also offers power options, mounting options, gels, filters and barndoors, bags and cases for lights and stands, and replacement lamps.