We developed NewsAir Business following our 14 years of working into broadcast environment. During this time, we observed every detail in the work of journalists and found solutions to ease and optimize the journalist’ activity.

NewsAir Business is the software specially designed to satisfy the needs of journalists. It is the complete newsroom computer system for creating stories, news, shows and production workflows. NewsAir addresses to televisions with at least one show or news program which needs rundown, CG’s, prompter, crawl and video playlists.

For TV channels of all sizes and used in more than 15 countries, NewsAir – NewsRoom Computer System is designed for journalists as user-friendly with intuitive features.

NewsAir is in fact the workflow and application that connects all the departments within the TV channel. Besides the journalists who write and edit the stories and news, NewsAir is used by all the departments involved in stories/news and video production: reporters, redactors, operators and camera-operators, editors, producers, archivists, control room operators, directors, etc.

For editorial or news journalists, NewsAir is the ideal solution, scalable and customized for every budget.