F&V Lighting

Over the last 10 years, F&V has invested heavily in applying the advancements of LED technology -- LUX/mAh, color rendering (CRI), cost benefit -- to photographic and video applications. Working closely with key LED sources, we have been able to quickly and effectively integrate these innovations into all of our products.

As dealers and OEM partners recognized our ability to quickly bring to market high quality products, we were invited to react to the rapidly growing demands of the video and digital cinema markets. Our first introduction was a full-featured LCD monitor followed by three complete shoulder rigs that rank top in their class.

Today F&V boasts the broadest offering of LED lights. While our product lines span many price points to meet the needs of different end users, the quality of our products remain, placing F&V at the leading edge for innovation and customer satisfaction.

The F&V Store sells camera support, lighting, LCD monitors, accessories, power and cables. Camera support solutions include rigs, sliders, follow focus and rail component products. Lighting includes studio-style, panel, ENG and camcorder LEDs. The company sells four, 7-inch LCD monitors with HDMI or HD-SDI inputs. A variety of adaptors, articulating arms, brackets, clips & grips and cold shoe accessories are also available.

F&V also sells battery mount adaptors, batteries, chargers, battery belts and unusual cables and splitters.