Dracast was founded on the belief that high quality professional broadcast studio/film/photography products should be affordable. The aim was to design a wide range of LED studio lighting that brings forth user-friendly preferred features.

Dracast believes that these essential products required by many studio photographers, videographers, professionals, and amateurs-alike should be easy to operate and tailored for any budget. At Dracast, we design, engineer and manufacture our own LED studio lighting products. Our LED studio lights have the highest CRI in the industry.

Dracast creates battery-powered LED lighting tools that help capture the story that the director is trying to tell. The company makes lights in several styles; 0n-camera, panels, Fresnels, and a tube series. Dracast lights have a Color Rendering Index of 95, meaning less time doing color correction, and more time doing what you love.

The LED160 and LED160A are go-to lighting solutions for DV and DSLR shooters in need of a super lightweight, ultra portable continuous lighting source. Along with the growing trend of hybrid photography in the DSLR world, the LED160 has become a standard piece of trusted equipment in a shooters camera bag. With up to 2400 lux of light output, plus its camera mount versatility and quick controls, it’s no wonder the LED160 has become a light of choice for location shooters.

The company also makes the LED500, LED1000 and LED2000 studio light panels and the Fresnel 1000 and Fresnel 2000. The Dracast FRESNEL Series is designed using our MASM (Multi Arrary Surface Mount) LED technology. Dracast also makes the T1000 and T2000 which provide fluorescent tube-style light with LED technology. Dracast LED tubes are rated for a 40,000 - 50,000 hour life, and the ultra-bright surface mount LEDs are housed inside a thick, shatterproof plastic casing.

The company also makes and accessories such as batteries and chargers, light stands, light accessories, cases and tripods. Dracast is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.