Devil and Demon

Devils and Demons unlock the potential of faster, highly-focused technology, to aid the digital artist workflow by utilizing finely-tuned workstations and entertainment-focused distributed processing systems. They can process render- and graphic-intensive jobs in a fraction of the time of normal desktop and render solutions.

In an ultra-small footprint for this much compute power, the Devil delivers up to 400 cores of computing muscle without requiring a dedicated server room, dedicated power runs, or a specialized environment. The Devil can live in a creative office environment, and connects as needed to multiple Demons to supercharge your work with the fastest I/O connectivity on the planet.

With this many computing cores all optimized in a supercomputer configuration, you have essentially unlimited power to drive all your render intensive and graphic intensive jobs in literally a fraction of the time of normal desktop computing. The Devil brings a completely new level of performance to a non-server room work environment, that creative shops can really take advantage of.

The Demon is hands down a smarter, better designed computer for your visually intensive computing needs. Today’s off-the-shelf computing is wasteful, as can be seen when you configure a competitor’s desktop system for the needs of the creative professional. Typically built without concern for the end user, these computers are often overpriced, or aren’t offered with the correct components that work well for your needs.

The Demon can be configured for exactly the kind of work you do, with a focus on CPU or GPU power, or an optimized balance of both. And the best part: This custom configuration comes at a lower price than off-the-shelf computing, but with the correct components you need for your work. A lower price and a better system… that’s why the Demon deserves a serious look.

Devils and Demons run popular entertainment software, such as The Foundry’s Nuke, Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max and Revit, at unrivalled speed, compared to competing manufacturers. Yet they are priced to ensure users in post production, VFX, CGI, web and interactive media content creation stay at the competitive cutting-edge.

Devils & Demons are a family of pre-configured systems, powered with Micron components and AMD processing, and fit seamlessly into existing workflows. They are available in several “flavors” that maximise software performance through custom-configurations of processor speeds, core counts and CPU/GPUs.