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DataDirect Networks

DDN supplies the world’s most data-intensive markets with storage infrastructure for web-scale and high-performance computing. DDN has invested over $150M in engineering a tightly coupled collection of scale-out storage platforms that are designed with an exacting focus on performance, efficiency and ease-of-use at scale.

DDN provides the fastest single system performance and the most efficient high performance storage solutions that enable customers to support today’s unique Big Data patterns, while future-proofing for tomorrow.

Products include Block Storage with the SFA12K Family, often called the world's largest storage building block, and the SFA7700. The SFA7700 is a hybrid flash storage appliance, purpose-built for Big Data requirements that uniquely enables organizations resolve today’s key storage challenges. It is designed to allow you to start small and extract maximum value from your Big Data.

The company offers SS8460 and SS7000 Storage Enclosures. DataDirect Networks’ (DDN) fourth-generation high-density SS8460 drive enclosure can handle up to eighty-four drives (SATA, SAS, or SSD) in just 4U rack space, reducing data center sprawl by up to 40% as compared to even the highest density storage array offerings available in the market today. This gives customers the ability to store up to 5.04 PBs in a single datacenter rack.

File Storage is EXAScaler and GRIDScaler. EXAScaler is a next generation parallel file storage system appliance that combines DDN award-winning HPC storage technology with the open-source Lustre File System. GRIDScaler is designed to handle the diverse and dynamic demands of today’s massive unstructured data generators. It is an extremely versatile solution that can be configured as a parallel file system as well as a Network Attached Storage, based on the customer’s requirements.

DirectMon is DDN’s configuration and monitoring solution that leverages our leadership in supporting the world’s largest file storage management systems. Purpose-built to improve the performance of IT operations, top-down support is provided for managing multiple DDN SFA Storage Arrays and Scaler File Storage Appliances.