Compix Media

Compix broadcast graphics are high performance PC based broadcast systems that generate static or animated characters and graphics into or over a video stream in real time. Also commonly referred to as character generators (CGs), Compix broadcast graphics are used in over 100 countries by broadcast stations, post production facilities, educational institutions, houses of worship, government studios, military facilities, sports arenas, and corporate multimedia departments to generate their creative identity.

Compix believes in standing behind every product we make and supporting every one of our customers. Since 1986, our experience in designing ONLY broadcast graphics guarantees our systems will give you rock solid performance for years to come.

Compix Linx ID provides two full channels of professional broadcast graphics and branding solutions for the NewTek TriCaster. Designed with busy producers in mind, Linx ID is an effortless way to combine real-time graphics and data in a live video production environment.

Completely software-based, Compix Linx ID can be loaded on a laptop or desktop PC without the expense or hassle of setting up separate CG hardware. You can add stunning broadcast quality graphics that are sure to get your viewers’ attention.

Compix Linx ID goes beyond just titles. In addition to a full broadcast CG, you also get channel branding capabilities and you can even add social media plug-ins, giving you the creative power to make every graphic count.

Compix ChannelBrander brings your channel to life with great features to keep your audience tuned in. Included are a continuous stream of automatically updating informational tickers and crawls, weather conditions, and Emergency Alerts. ChannelBrander uses NewsScroll to offer powerful channel branding and affordable creation of interactive, informational headline feeds. With added tools for creating graphics, such as personalized lower-thirds, broadcasters can easily monetize the on-screen space and increase viewer loyalty.