Unitex Corporation

Unitex Corporation

We have been focusing on the Computer Storage since our foundation. Our long experience on the computer storage and the original technologies make us uniquely positioned as a total storage solution provider.

Recently, information has become assets rather than just data. Computer storage is a tool for effective use to manage our customer’s valuable assets.

To protect the data as an asset of our customers is our mission.

It’s no surprise that customers are using Mainframe, Unix and Windows servers in the same environment. In such environment, customers have to use various media for the data exchange, such as CMT, LTO and even CD, DVD and BD. With multiplatform systems, customers require easy and secure data exchange mechanism for the maximum system throughput.

UNITEX provides the solutions for customer’s requirement with our vision, technologies and services.

We are confident that we are able to meet various needs of our customers by foreseeability and technology which have learned by experiences to develop software. UNITEX will continue to provide storage solutions and services which meet the needs of our customers.

Under the slogan of “Environmentally friendly products to the world”, UNITEX precisely understands the impact of our activities, products and services to the environment. 

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