Rec4Box OB Factory

Rec4Box OB Factory

Within the last three years, Rec4Box has developed a modern outdoor mobile broadcasting unit that exceeds the highly creative demands of production teams while managing the realities of tighter budgets and production timelines.

Rec4Box OB Trailers were designed in collaboration with various directors, producers and technicians to offer a transformative working environment with modular and adaptable details, workstation ergonomics that promote outstanding comfort, trendy interior design and quick transportability and setup.

Upon request, these trailers are fully customizable from the inside out to accommodate varying production requirements. In just 12 weeks, we deliver a fully operational and personalised OB trailer. Directors and producers alike will achieve superior quality output in productions and shape the future towards setting new industry standards.

There are four fundamental pillars that gained us an edge over other units currently on the market; Innovative and Powerful Technology, Versatility, Low-Energy and Fast Deployment.

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