Founded in 2000, Bitcentral is a software company that provides efficient media workflows and customized solutions to maximize the value of video content. We are part of everyday news operations and provides a flexible toolset for master control operation and a streaming solution that provides expanded distribution end points for publishers. 

Bitcentral’s news production solution supports over 1,000 media operations worldwide with video asset management, file ingest, timeline editing and logging, deep archive support, alongside NRCS and publishing capabilities. 

Our fully integrated master control and automation software provides a modular design toolset that delivers full linear channels including traffic integration, media asset/storage management, offline playlist scheduling, program cataloging, media editing/versioning, system monitoring and reporting, syndicated content processing and automated feed recording. 

Another offering is the online video platform for OTT - for broadcasters, digital publishers and media companies - this packages and presents timely news-like content to all digital platforms using automation tools, minimizing manual effort. We power live streaming and dynamic channels with the ability to insert live content, including dynamic ad insertion on the server-side, immune from ad blockers, across all platforms. 

Bitcentral is based in Newport Beach, California, and Mexico City.