Bitcentral is a recognized innovator of news content production, distribution, aggregation and publishing solutions. For over 20 years, Bitcentral has developed and deployed workflow enhancing technologies for leading broadcasters.

The core purpose of Bitcentral is to offer media creators with a singular tool for the efficient acquisition, production, management and dissemination of video, audio images and text. Bitcentral’s unique non-proprietary browser-based tools enables unprecedented access to content from almost anywhere. This allows media organizations to substantially increase the utilization of their content while reducing production costs.

Bitcentral has grown fast as a solutions provider in the broadcast news industry. With its growing suite of solutions, the company has championed efficient newsroom workflows by simplifying the aggregation, editing, archiving and distribution of content to maximize operational efficiencies and help customers deliver a superior news product. Using Bitcentral solutions, story production can begin in the field with a journalist, a laptop and a wireless connection. With those tools, the reporter can call up raw and finished video to edit into a breaking story. The resulting story package is then instantly accessible to production staff back at the station or can be easily shared among other stations in the group or with content partners outside the group across multiple platform.

Bitcentral is committed to freeing broadcast newsrooms from the constraints of walled-garden production environments by providing open, non-proprietary content workflow systems that offer customers long-term flexibility. This enables end-to-end digital workflows that seamlessly collaborate with existing hardware and software.

From building America’s first IP-based satellite distribution network to deploying the country’s most popular news production system in scores of newsrooms, Bitcentral has been trusted by major content-creation companies like CNN, CBS, NBC, Fox Television Stations, Gannett, Hearst Television, Raycom Media, Cox Media, Nexstar, Sinclair, Media General and many more.