Our philosophy is to provide the most precise, reliable and easy to use products. The use of durable materials assuring the longevity of a STEREOTEC rig together with “German Engineering” and a lot of passion. The rigs are constantly developed and improved by the company’s experience in their daily 3D work in film or broadcast. Founded by stereographer Florian Maier and following his desire for professional high-end 3D tools, STEREOTEC has created rigs that are being used and appreciated by film makers and broadcasters throughout the world.

STEREOTEC is one of the most renowned stereoscopic service providers worldwide. Their crews are involved in large and small productions all over the world. STEREOTEC was awarded with six Lumiere Awards for Outstanding Achievement (“Best Stereography”, twice “Best 3D Feature Film” and twice “Best Commercial”), from the International 3D Society in Hollywood – next to other international awards.

No matter if it is a feature film, broadcast, commercial or documentary – STEREOTEC rigs and their crew deliver the highest level of quality in the 3D area.