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Squid Systems, Inc

Squid Systems is a global innovator in video compression and image processing technology. Squid offers software and hardware IP for customer deployment of H.265 HEVC video encoding and decoding.Squid’s encoder algorithms provide better visual quality and deeper compression.

With the emergence of HD mobile devices, Ultra-HD TVs, and “anytime/anywhere” consumer expectations, demand for streaming video is out-stripping network bandwidth and storage at an increasing rate. In response the broadcast and electronics industries adopted a new standard for video compression. The H.265 High Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) promises significant reductions in video bit-rates, for more streams and higher resolutions to maximize the opportunities presented by explosive growth in consumer demand for streaming video. Industries that store and transmit video are now entering a period of disruptive transition as the bit rate efficiency of HEVC technology becomes a “must-have” feature for future video server products.