Data Storage at Scale.

The Scality RING is software-based storage that has been proven worldwide. The RING is perfect for capacity-driven workloads such as Cloud services, video, and enterprise archiving. It runs on any standard x86 servers powered by Linux, and creates an unlimited storage pool for file, object and OpenStack applications. Its performance is unmatched in the industry, with the ability to serve millions of users simultaneously. Seven of the top 20 telecommunication companies, many cloud services, and enterprises rely on the RING for mission-critical applications, serving over 500 million users worldwide.

The RING provides companies with a storage solution designed to scale linearly across multiple active sites and thousands of servers. Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING supports scaling beyond petabytes and hosting an unlimited number of objects. The RING provides a range of data protection schemes including replication and erasure coding achieving up to fourteen 9s of durability. A unique hardware-agnostic architecture enables continuous uptime through hardware and software issues and upgrades, and enables customers to take advantage of future server and media innovation. Powered by a rich choice of protocols and interfaces, the RING provides high performance across a variety of workloads, and organizations can utilize a Scality storage infrastructure without having to make any changes to their applications.

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