Audible Magic

Audible Magic was founded in 1999 to enable a radically new user experience with a breakthrough audio identification technology. Audible Magic pioneered the use of Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) in a range of applications. From content identification to media synchronization, Audible Magic’s technology is now used by major corporations around the globe, as well as small, independent mobile app developers.

In 2000 Audible Magic acquired the Muscle Fish LLC consulting group, bringing the core fingerprinting technology in-house. Over the years Audible Magic has been granted more than 25 patents in both the U.S. and Europe. This strong focus on intellectual property creation and protection has kept Audible Magic the leader in the ACR marketplace.

Broadcast monitoring organizations around the world build automated systems using Audible Magic’s content recognition software and identification databases as critical components. They find that Audible Magic’s robust and reliable content recognition software provides better performance and match rates with less workflow impact than competing technologies. This puts TV and radio verification companies in the strongest position to track media or ad campaign placements, measure market penetration and manage music rights, to name a few applications.

The monitoring organization assembles and operates a monitoring network consisting of hardware to capture the audio signals of all the TV or radio channels that need to be monitored.

The monitoring organization then licenses Audible Magic’s automatic content recognition (ACR) software development kit (SDK) to build software routines that compare the to-be-monitored audio streams against a database of reference audio fingerprints. Those fingerprints represent the target content desired to be identified. When the monitored audio matches a fingerprint, the monitoring organization’s software logs the identification event and takes the desired action.

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