AMD designs and integrates technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, tablets, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing. Specific to television and video, ATI makes graphics cards, servers and CPU chips.

AMD performs leading-edge research and provides technology direction critical to our company’s future. Our diverse research areas range from circuit design and computer architecture to system software and application engineering. We strive to influence both industry and academia through exploration of important research directions and future technologies with publication of our new findings.

We pride ourselves on fostering an environment for exciting new research through a strong group of thought-leaders in academia and industry with recent graduates from leading research universities.

Founded in 1969, AMD has collected a long list of firsts. Most recently, AMD's technology is featured inside every major next generation gaming console and home entertainment system: Microsoft's Xbox One, Sony's PS4™, and Nintendo's Wii U.

AMD Introduced the fastest desktop and notebook graphics solutions in the world for enthusiasts who want to take their PC gaming to the next level.

Apple announced its radically redesigned Mac Pro will feature dual AMD FirePro™ graphics cards, improving both the visual and general computing performance of Apple's high-end system and providing the power needed by the most demanding digital content creators.

AMD launched the AMD Opteron X-Series processors, the industry's highest performance small core x86 server processors.

In 2012, AMD became the first company to announce that it will design 64-bit ARM technology-based processors in addition to its x86-processors for multiple markets, starting with cloud and data center servers.