With over 50 years of optical lens innovation and craftsmanship, Samyang’s mission is to produce lenses that allow every photographer and cinematographer to share their unique perspective with the world. Its cinema lenses offer outstanding optical performance for 8K+ and deliver unparalleled price/performance. 

Samyang approach everything from the perspective of our users, to ensure that innovations stay meaningful and meet the needs of creators. 

The products have won recognition and awards from leading industry voices such as Red Dot, TIPA and iF Design. Samyang is also a partner of the Cooke Optics /i Technology protocol, which allows metadata communication between lens and camera when using the PL-mount XEEN MEISTER lenses. 

XEEN is our professional cine lens brand, which includes a wide range of models to suit all budgets and needs: The standard XEEN range is available in 5 different camera mounts. All models have 114mm front diameter, with durable aluminium housings and provide full-frame coverage. 

XEEN CF is a lightweight and compact offering, ideal for handheld use or with drones, gimbals and car mounts. All models cover full-frame and have 95mm front diameters. Use of carbon fibre materials ensures that the lenses are both durable and light. 

XEEN MEISTER is the newest range of premium cine glass. Featuring fast T1.3 apertures and a 13 bladed iris, with full-frame coverage, the PL mount versions also incorporate Cooke’s /i Technology. 

XEEN ANAMORPHIC glass offers stunning 2x anamorphic performance and also covers full-frame 36x24mm.

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