Photo Research Inc.

Photo Research is the world leader and innovator in high precision, state of the art electro-optical instrumentation and systems. Photo Research has delivered world-class light and color measurement solutions, serving the cathode ray tube ("CRT")/flat panel display ("FPD"), automotive, aerospace, lighting, motion picture, research and development and related industries for over 60 years.

Photo Research has three main product lines. The Spectra product line offers systems to a wide variety of industries for research, quality control and on-line testing. This line includes the only truly portable battery operated Spectroradiometer; the PR-650 fast scanning SpectraColorimeter. The PR-730/735 SpectraScan complements this line with an industry first automated aperture wheel with up to six apertures. The Pritchard® line originated with the industry workhorse the PR-1980 series.

The Pritchard is the most widely used photometer in the world. The newer addition to this series is the PR-880. This is the only fully automated filter photometer available today. The PR-880 is ideal for today's automated factory and ATE/OEM environments.