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Path 1 - IPVN

Path 1 is a division of IP Video Networks, Inc. In 2007, IPVN acquired the assets, including all technology and brand, of Path 1 Network Technologies Inc. IPVN’s Path 1 product line represents a history of research and innovative design. In 2001, with the PG1 prototype, Path 1 successfully pioneered one of the first documented SDI over IP backhauls across the U.S., and in 2002, introduced the 1410MX product to the cable/MSO market, becoming an industry leader in video-on-demand IP multiplexing. Since then, Path 1′s network processor-based platform has been the subject of an Intel case study and the basis for several successful video-on-demand and broadcast-quality MPEG/IP gateways. Path 1 continues its collaborative pursuit of IP video technology to provide broadcasters and service operators with the products necessary to deliver video anywhere in the world.