Apace Systems

Apace Systems is a software and systems company with a new approach towards media big data creation, consumption, and communication. Apace offers diverse media workflow, media asset management and media system gateways optimized for automating production, access and distribution of video and all other media types. With a decade of focused experience in media systems space and over 400 global installations, Apace solutions glue and virtualize access to all media workgroups and enable creation of global and mobile access media clouds.

Started in 2002 in Southern California, Apace Systems is a leading design and manufacturing company of media workflow and storage systems and solutions for media content creation, delivery and archive. Our products provide performance, data management, projects, user management, and workflow with scalability necessary for high quality digital media content creation using ubiquitously available Ethernet for file-level services. Our products and solutions are simple, easy to use and service managed data to provide more value, greatly improved productivity and better quality of work for a collaborative environment with better communications mechanisms.

Apace Systems excels in addressing a wide spectrum of media content workflows and management via offering network storage platforms that can address real-time collaborative editing, media management, and local and remote accessing to near-line archival needs of the media companies. Our products are platform independent, application independent, (in many cases) location independent and with support for mobile devices like iPad and smartphones for heterogeneous scalability and interoperability. Also, our workflow and management products can support ingest, search, media processing, communication and collaboration, integrated third party transcoding, and archiving to LTO tape or optic devices like Blu-ray and other stages of media.

Based on experience in video and media production, Apace intelligent management knowledge is readily applicable to other horizontal media markets for business use of 2-way video media.