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Germanys KLOTZ AIS is among the leading manufacturers of prof. audio, video, multimedia, fibre optic cables & cable systems supplying the Broadcasting Ind., Syst. Integr. and install. industry for sports & multipurpose venues, live touring, event, entertainment- and the shipbuilding industry. Numerous projects for broadcasting studios (TV & Radio), OB trucks, multipurpose & sport arenas venues, theatres, concert halls, congress/conference facilities have been equipped w. KLOTZ cables worldwide.As a German company, we develop our high-quality, high-performance cables exclusively in-house. Where necessary, our German manufacturing facility works with computer process control in production; however, in our high-end premium sector we rely on skilled manual procedures to maintain the outstanding quality of our cables.

Innovative and firmly grounded engineering expertise, coupled with long-standing practical experience in cable technology, have brought our cables to the forefront of technology at international level. A wide range of development projects, based on the requirements of cutting-edge application technologies, ensure that KLOTZ AIS' expertise in development and product not only matches the rapid pace of progress, but is always one step ahead!