Irdeto is a world leader in digital platform security, serving the world’s leading creators and distributors of video entertainment, and going beyond media to secure digital assets and enable business models for the internet economy. The company provides solutions and services that enable content owners and providers to securely deliver media across all screens and devices in and out of the home. It also allows platform operators to securely offer innovative commerce, payment and information services.

With over 40 years of expertise in security, Irdeto has the market insights from piracy and consumer data, knowhow and proven track record to be the trusted partner of choice. Irdeto believes that people should have full control over their destiny. To take control, they must have the freedom to innovate and the confidence to take risks, which can lead to big rewards. The industry is evolving rapidly and operators and content owners need to adapt along with this – to make transformation happen you need to have space and a secure environment. We believe the power of innovation has no limits and with Irdeto on your side, you can secure your freedom to innovate, grow and succeed.

Irdeto’s service-oriented approach gives its customers full control over their destiny. With this approach, The company secures its customers’ business in the present and gives them the flexibility and freedom to innovate for the future. Irdeto provides powerful solutions in five key areas: 

  • Strategy, Planning & Market Insights
  • Media Access & Management (hybrid, broadcast, broadband / OTT, home networks)
  • Keys & Credentials Management
  • Platform Security
  • Piracy & Cybercrime Management