Embrionix Design Inc

Embrionix provides compact, high-density IP gateways, signal processors, converters and multiviewers for broadcast video applications. The company’s innovative low-footprint solutions free up premium rack space, consume less power and close the gap between fiber optic, coaxial and emerging IP technology deployments (including SMPTE ST2110, ST2022-6, ST2022-1/2, HDMI, composite video).

The transition to IP becomes much easier with a highly optimized solution for SDI-to-IP conversion provided by Embrionix. This is made possible with the company’s miniaturized emSFP modules equipped with an IP encapsulator and decapsulator. These miniaturized devices can be installed directly inside 10GE, 25GE COTS IP switches and can convert any SDI legacy equipment within your IP network. Embrionix also offers a series of standalone, compact gateways tailored to monitor and format-convert IP signals and 1RU aggregator processing frames capable of moving 4K UHD over a 25GE network.

With headquarters outside Montreal, Embrionix also has design, research & development, and sales offices located around the globe and works with a network of professional value added resellers. For more information on pricing and availability, please visit www.embrionix.com or contact us at [email protected].

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