EchoStreams is an OEM/ODM solutions provider focused specifically on Server and Storage technologies for the fastest growing verticals in today's digital era, such as Cloud/Datacenter, Video, Telecommunication, just to name a few. What EchoStreams brings to OEM/ODMs is extensive background in Server, Storage, and System-Packaging technologies from the founding members. EchoStreams also leverages multiple independent contract manufacturers of all sizes and capabilities to offer the best quality and value for each type of products and customers. Our corporate message,

"Driving The Evolution of Technologies Behind IT Infrastructures"

Clearly states our company's vision and mission. EchoStreams understands that professionals in each vertical, being so entrenched in their own technologies, may not be aware of the latest available Server and Storage technologies out there. Therefore, by recruiting professionals from each vertical market and closely partnering with top Server and Storage technology innovators, EchoStreams can effectively create and deliver niche purpose-built off-the-shelf OEM platform solutions that greatly improve the digital content generation, delivery, presentation, and archiving processes. EchoStreams believes that in order to have values, our solutions must solve our customer's problems. Most of EchoStreams' purpose-built platforms are based on conventional off-the-shelf components from technology partners, uniquely packaged specifically for the different usage models in various vertical markets, to minimize risk and leverage economy of scale of mass-produced components. All solutions are also modularly designed to enable quick customizations to fulfill specific needs of different OEMs. EchoStreams unique business model is to support solution providers and integrators of all sizes with validated OEM platforms, so that they can deliver final turnkey solutions to their final end-customers and OEMs in each of their vertical areas of focus. Let us know what we can do to help your company.