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Hiltron Communications

Hiltron Communications, a member of the Dan Technologies group of companies, is a system integrator, manufacturer, distributor and service provider specialising in satellite and wireless communication.

Based in purpose-built headquarters near Stuttgart, the company offers on-site facilities including a large technical operations area with high access doors able to accommodate satellite link trucks with antennas. On the SI side Hiltron can deal with a wide range of technologies and systems, including: DVB-S/S2 satellite uplink stations for TV, radio and data transmission; VSAT systems; TVRO systems for cable head ends or terrestrial re-transmission; fixed and mobile microwave links for broadcasting; DSNG systems; fibre optic systems in the L- and IF-Bands; DVB-T/T2 encoding and multiplexing head ends; ATM/SDH/PDH/IP transport networks; and the receive component of IPTV head ends.

This work is supported by the manufacture of a range of products: an independent redundancy controller (HCS3); three axis motorised antenna mount (HMAM); antenna de-ice controller with Ethernet control interface (HDCU); antenna control unit (HACU) for positioning and inclined orbit tracking of three-axis motorized antenna systems; antenna control unit for DSNG antennas (HSACU); M&C solution for DSNG systems and small earth stations (HMCS); and a professional LNB power supply system (H-LNB-PSS). At IBC 2013 Hiltron introduced the HMAMM-IOT, which allows cost-effective uplinks to be run using cheaper subscription inclined-orbit satellite, and version 4 of the HCS4 control system.