Digital Nirvana

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Digital Nirvana has been empowering customers with innovative knowledge management technologies since 1996. By combining media and digital technology expertise, Digital Nirvana makes it possible for organizations to streamline operations and gain competitive advantage with advanced product and service offerings. With a focus on helping broadcasters and media companies worldwide to improve operations, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and protect revenue streams, Digital Nirvana’s flagship product is its MonitorIQ media management platform.

The fully customizable MonitorIQ platform delivers a full range of multi-channel signal monitoring, logging, repurposing, compliance and archiving functions. With it, broadcasters can capture live content from multiple sources live and monitor the video for quality and compliance. Video can also be published to digital platforms for on-demand consumption. The platform operates in a centralized management server environment, and MonitorIQ Version 5.0 includes HTML5 and HLS support, and features cloud-based recording and OTT streaming monitoring functions.

Digital Nirvana’s product suite also includes stand-alone media management solutions, including its cloud-based OTT monitoring solution, AnyStreamIQ, and content repurposing solution, MediaPro. Digital Nirvana’s other offerings include its CAR/TS Transport Stream Recorder and Repeat Audio Detection system.

The company offers closed captioning and subtitling services, including automated closed captioning and high-quality caption generation for all pre-recorded and online video content through an automated process over the cloud. Its automated caption synchronization service leverages audio fingerprinting to automatically detect and retime captions in near-live timeframe to enable repurposing of live broadcast captions for online delivery. These services are beneficial for improved user experience, search engine discoverability and FCC compliance.

Serving customers in a wide variety of markets, including education, house of worship, government, finance, enterprise, and advertising/public relations sectors, Digital Nirvana offers a comprehensive service portfolio that includes media monitoring and analysis, market intelligence and analytics, and learning management services.