FocalPoint Server

FocalPoint Server was developed by UK company iMedia, a software developer based in Bristol, and German IT consultancy ConSol, as a way to create broadcast material and then make versions of it that it can then be easily tracked and searched for as it moves through the production chain. The system automatically sets up and maintains the required file or folder structures to work with leading non-linear editing systems, including Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe Premiere, and major visual effects and graphics programs such as After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya.

FocalPoint Server allows the management of projects and files to continue in the background while other tasks are happening on the main systems. This is designed to eliminate problems caused by incorrectly named files or material saved to the wrong destinations. FocalPoint Server comes in two versions: a Workgroup version with FocalPoint Server Software, limited to a maximum of 15 users and five workspaces, although additional user packs can be add to increase the number of those able to use the system; and an Enterprise model, again featuring the Server Software that has no limits on users and allows a maximum of 15 workspaces. Additional user packs are also available. Modules for archiving and portals can also be added. Partners for FocalPoint Server include storage specialists GB Labs and Facilis and German data management software developer Archiware.