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DAVICOM, a division of Comlab Inc.

Comlab Telecommunications Inc. (Comlab) is a private company founded in 1984 by professors and engineers from the Electrical Engineering department of Laval University. Its head office, R&D laboratories and production facility are located in Quebec City, Canada.

The company's team is composed of experienced RF, software and product engineers, as well as highly qualified technicians. The company takes pride in developing sophisticated RF and telecom monitoring devices for government and commercial customers who require advanced capabilities in telecommunications, antennas, microwaves and radars.

Comlab's laboratories have sophisticated equipment that can operate up to 26 GHz, as well as wire-bonding machinery to assemble ultra-miniature components (standard or RF) on printed circuit boards. The company also operates its own Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) lab to ensure all its products can operate safely and at 100% capability in hostile RF and ESD environments.

At the beginning, the company's initial development efforts were focused on the design and development of state-of-the-art telecommunications training systems for a partner named Lab-Volt, now part of the Festo Didactic family. As such, an analog and digital communications system, a microwave technology system, an analog and digital telephony system, an antenna technology system and a radar system were successfully brought to market. These systems, exported to over 20 countries, were granted patents for the core technology and have earned several awards. With over 20 years of partnership, Comlab is still enhancing Lab-Volt's existing products and undertaking the development of exciting new product lines.

Among Comlab's other outstanding accomplishments is the development of a complete line of remote monitoring, alarm & control systems for radio, TV and wireless transmission sites. These systems, which are manufactured under the Davicom brand name, have been sold to prestigious clients like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Bell Mobility, and the British Broadcasting Corporation, Univision, Canada's National Weather-Radio network, American Family Radio (AFR) and many stations of the US Public Broadcasting System (Radio & TV), among others.

Over the years, new capabilities have been added to maintain the product's position as an industry innovator. From initial VT-100 terminal communications, through the addition of fax & voice capabilities, the units have evolved to the present secure-Internet version with SNMP V3 functionality and iOS/Android App support. Full backwards compatibility is still maintained with older units, and newer units still have VT-100, voice & fax capability.