With more than 20+ years of experience in the data storage industry, we know storage. Our parent company Tekram USA was founded in 1990 and was recognized as one of the most influential and famous storage solution providers and manufacturer in Taiwan, when SCSI and cache controller cards were the latest storage controllers. In fact, Tekram was the first company to develop caching disk controllers for the VL-Bus , greatly enhancing system performance back then. Tekram innovations like its bus-mastering enhanced IDE chip, S1040 SCSI controller ASIC have given us the structure and background to always keep advancing with the latest storage developments.

During the transition between SCSI and SATA/SAS, Areca Technologies was founded in 1999 with a commitment for the research and development of newer disk array technologies. Using the existing knowledge and experience from Tekram, Areca has been able to continue delivering storage innovations with their own custom ASIC and released the first RAID 6 controller to hit the market. Today, Tekram USA created a division called CineRAID, strategically partnered with Areca Technologies in order to provide creative professionals a broad range of high performance, reliable and low cost disk array solution fully optimized for digital content and streaming media applications.