Cineo Lighting

Since the introduction of digital lighting into film, television, and photography, color rendering has been an issue. The inherently discontinuous light spectra of traditional LED sources has made it difficult for a digital light to approach the colour rendering quality of a black-body radiator like a tungsten filament.

The TruColor® series from Cineo Lighting utilizes the latest advancement in lighting science, Remote Phosphor Technology (RPT), to eliminate those color-accuracy issues. Instead of relying on LEDs as a source of illumination, TruColor fixtures rely on a separate phosphor substrate to emit high-quality predictable light when excited by high-frequency wavelengths like blue LEDs. The result is a continuous linear spectrum unlike any other digital light developed for image capture.

Think of a remote phosphor array as you would a CRT screen found in legacy television sets. RPT employs a transparent surface onto which a special phosphor coating is applied. These phosphors are excited at two precise wavelengths, in this case with LEDs completely separated from the phosphor substrate, resulting in very stable high-CRI white light.

Color temperature remains consistent throughout the lifetime of the fixture, because the phosphors are not subject to heat degradation, unlike typical white LEDs. Color consistency fixture to fixture is also guaranteed, because it’s easier to accurately coat the phosphor “recipe” onto a substrate instead of directly onto a diode.

All products in Cineos TruColor line employ RPT and are focused on attaining the highest quality light and utmost power efficiency.