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Camera Motion Research, LLC

Check out our Radian Wireless HD sets, Stabilizers, and CamLink products.

The excellent stabilizer performance provided by the Blackbird results from the combination of high moments of inertia but low weight, and a precision gimbal with SmoothTouch adjustable friction in the tilt and roll directions. All of this is achieved while setting a new standard for ease of setup and adjustment.

Incorporating CMR patent pending technology, the innovative Blackbird is manufactured with high quality components and carries a 1 year full warranty.

The Blackbird Full Kit including the new “resting stand” is priced at $675. And for those on the lowest budget who want a professional quality stabilizer, the Blackbird Basic starts at $485.

The Blackbird provides the best handheld video (and DSLR!) camera stabilizer performance available for cameras weighing from less than 1 lb and up to 8 lbs.