Pointmaker LLC is a manufacturer of hardware- and app-based annotation systems for the broadcast and presentation markets. With a Pointmaker, talent and technicians can direct audience attention to details of sports, weather, traffic, news and other broadcast images.

The company’s focus has always been on annotation. On February 6, 1995, Judge Lance Ito approved the Pointmaker for use in his courtroom during the nationally televised O.J. Simpson trial. The product was requested by attorneys when they found that they needed an easy way to focus judge and jury attention on video evidence. This evidence was displayed simultaneously on four monitors, one video projector — and, with Judge Ito’s approval — to the news media for television broadcast.

In 1999, ABC Monday Night Football entered its 30th season, and color analyst Boomer Esiason obtained a new “telestrator” to use. The Pointmaker broadcast annotation system was installed and used in the sports announcer’s booth, giving his comments additional impact while drawing over replays.

Today, Pointmaker annotation systems have evolved with further streamlining, higher resolutions, increased ease of use, and an app that turns iPads into collaborative touchscreens.

In addition to HDMI and VGA annotation systems, the company is also developing a 4K broadcast model with a single 4K @30Hz input and output. Technicians or talent can easily draw and point over prerecorded or live images during live broadcast or post-productions. This model is compatible with most production budgets.