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DENZ manufactures high-end accessories for the video and film industry and has been distributing its premium products worldwide for over 40 years. The company was founded in 1970 by graduate engineer Peter Denz in Ottobrunn, Munich. Over the years DENZ has built up a reputation for its high precision, choice of materials and sophisticated design. This was recognised at the Academy Awards with a Scientific and Technical Award.

Among DENZ's key products are measuring devices, including the FDC-Flange Depth Controller, camera supports for ARRI, Canon, RED, Sony and Panasonic cameras, bridges and plates, modification of DSLR cameras such as those by Canon, a variety of Follow Focus units and a director's viewfinder. A recent addition to the range is the DENZHEAD, offering mounts and settings for Blackmagic Design cameras from EF to PL, a Flange Depth Controller for PL-/PV- and EF-mount, director's viewfinder for PL- and PV-mount and accessories for Canon and Sony models.