Backstage Equipment, Inc.

Backstage Equipment was formed in 1979 by Cary Griffith, our chief designer and president. Cary is a 40 year veteran of the Motion Picture Industry and inventor of the now famous "Studio Carts". He originally began making carts for himself and fellow grips in order to save valuable time -and their backs! Word spread and backstage now produces over thirty specialized carts for virtually every behind-the-scene craft including: lighting, grip, camera, video, prop and sound. Our carts and equipment have become standard items for all major studios, rental houses, and lighting and grip trucks throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Japan.

Backstage carts and equipment have always been designed with the crew member in mind. All of our equipment is constructed using only the finest materials, machinery, skills and experience. We fully stand behind any product we manufacture indefinitely.