Avateq Corp

Avateq's main principals and co-founders have more than 20 years of relevant industry experience. Solid knowledge of the latest technological and theoretical achievements combined with company's core intellectual assets allows us to provide practical industry solutions for the most challenging projects.

Our knowledge and expertise in applied science and technology finds practical implementation in the field of broadcasting, computer-based medicine and diagnostics, military applications and general industry.

Avateq's services advantages:

  • experienced in delivering and managing high-cost and long-term projects
  • complex embedded and custom design requiring R&D
  • expertise in complicated signal processing and algorithm development
  • designing mixed signal embedded systems including RF circuitry
  • delivering turn-key solutions
  • implementing the most advanced technology
  • designing from an application idea to the production stage support
  • a wide range of deliverables - from a small embedded controller to system level design, integration and simulation
  • fully adaptable to your working style - are able to deliver a full range of working arrangements from on-site management of your qualified staff to full provision of a team of professionals and necessary technology to complete your project

Our specialization:

  • Real-time signal and data processing
  • Signal receiver and transmitter solutions design
  • Signal modulation and demodulation techniques
  • Digital communication and broadcasting
  • Embedded hardware and software design

Our mission is to meet the most demanding requirements at every stage - from conceptual design to prototyping and production through:

  • System Approach
  • State-of-the-art Design
  • Advanced Technology